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Making Health a Priority With a Busy Schedule

Making Health a Priority With a Busy Schedule

Everyone wants to be healthy. Just because you cannot find the time to practice good habits does not mean you are somehow less concerned. Between work and personal life, it can feel nearly impossible to maintain a balanced schedule that includes exercise and good eating. Meetings run late that cause the rest of the day to be pushed back. Issues come up that need immediate attention. Suddenly that hour of aerobics you kept telling yourself you were going to do as soon as you get home is eclipsed by other things. There are ways you can guarantee yourself a healthy workout that will not intrude on your daily routine!

Early to Rise

This one may be hard to get used to, but try waking up early enough to fit some workout time in before you leave the house. Do it as soon as you are up and out of bed! The best part is, if you shower after you workout, save yourself more time by waiting to get your morning shower after the workout. Do not forget to hit the hay earlier though, so you do not sacrifice sleep. Doing your exercise first thing means you can enjoy the day worry free. If something comes up that has you running late in the afternoon or evening, it will not take over your workout time.

Midday Breaks for Health

By law, most places of employment must provide employees with a lunch break at some point during the day. For many people, portions of this down time are spent doing absolutely nothing. You have finished your meal and now sit and wait for the minutes to tick by. Why not take that last five or ten minutes of your lunch and use them as free workout time! Instead of sitting at the table, stand up and take a walk around the office. If the weather is nice, make your journey outside. The fresh air will invigorate while your walk gets those unused muscles moving!

Let Your Television Help!

Believe it or not, your television can help you exercise! No, I am not talking about aerobics DVDs or anyhting like that. While you watch your favorite episodes, why not get on the floor and start exercising. You can enjoy every moment while improving your muscle tone. Sit ups, push ups and many other basic exercises can easily be done in front of the TV. Get more out of your time without missing out on good health or the latest programming.

More Productive Time

Become more productive by multitasking. The more things you can do in the same amount of time, the more productive you will be! So why not incorporate this principal into your daily routine. While at work, learn some easy exercises you can do that will not hinder your job. For example, if you sit at a desk on the phone all day, stand up while you chat and do some calf raises or other low impact movements. Cashiers and clerks can practice similar exercises. For a few dollars, you can also purchase useful tools to exercise your hands. You will be working out and getting paid for it!

It may seem impossible, but there are little ways you can work exercise into your daily routine. A good workout does not have to be lengthy. Instead, fit in a few minutes here and there to tone muscles and get your heart pumping! Not only will you feel more trim and fit, but your mind will be more alert. You may discover your new mini workouts also help you be more productive on a daily basis!…

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Childhood Obesity Prevention – Do You Want to Know Why Eating For Energy is the Only Solution

Childhood Obesity Prevention – Do You Want to Know Why Eating For Energy is the Only Solution

Lifestyle today worries many new parents. How do I prevent my kids from being like most other kids? What can I do to stop all the attention to fast foods? How can I protect my family and make sure that all the publicity will not affect my children? Is their a magic bullet that can render my children immune from eating all the wrong foods?

If being a concerned parent is all you have to help you, good luck. Talk to all other parents that want to protect their kids and you will get a mixed bag of success and failure stories that all come to the same conclusion.

Childhood obesity prevention- Do you want to know why eating for energy is the only solution? Here are five reasons you need to pay attention:

The only reason we need to eat is to have enough energy to get through the day. Simple? Eating is just like rocket fuel, it is the quality of the food we intake that will give us the quality “output” that our bodies need to function.

How our bodies use the fuel we give it is more important than anything else we can learn at school. If your children have the wrong fuel, when they leave in the morning, they will be distracted all day long and learning the 3″R’s” is not only useless but confusing.

Brushing your teeth morning and night is important right? If you answered yes to this question, you have the ability to create all the good habits you want your child to learn. Eating the right fuel can and must become a good habit, just like brushing your teeth.

Potty training is a really important part of a young child’s development. Why? The need to understand why we eliminate unused foods from our bodies is more important than learning how to play basketball.

Tying your shoe laces becomes habit forming and a secure way of making sure you do not fall and hurt yourself, right? Eating a banana everyday can be good for you, right? Understanding the composition of the fuel you put into your body should be memorized from early development. Maybe your child needs to learn about this as much or more than learning the alphabet?

All good habits are learned just by repetition and exposing your child to your good examples. If you take the time, to learn about eating for energy, you will adjust your lifestyle to the real reasons you need to teach your children how and why they need to learn how to eat.

Let’s review 5 good reasons why eating is such an important part of preventing childhood obesity:

Have enough energy to get through the day.

Learn how to use the fuel we give our bodies.

Eating the right fuel can and must become a good habit.

Understanding why we eliminate unused foods from our bodies.

Understanding the composition of the fuel you put into your body.

We are talking about your children and their lives are at stake. Sit down for a moment and right down 5 more reasons why you do not want your child to be obese. You are making very important, life changing decisions here that will help him(her) for the rest of their lives.

Food for thought.…

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Good Habits Are Signposts for Mature Kids

Good Habits Are Signposts for Mature Kids

Habits are formed when we do things repeatedly. Once an activity becomes a habit, it seems easier to perform and difficult to end. J.D. Thorne, the author of The 10 Commandments of Baseball, likes to say: “in sports and life, practice the difficult and make those good things, which are difficult, habits. This will distinguish you in everything you do.”

Thorne uses the example of a baseball first baseman that gets plenty of practice catching balls on bad hops. Chances are that first baseman is going be very good in game conditions when his infield teammates have to throw to him under all kinds of challenging situations.

But good habits like most everything in life must also be accompanied by good judgment. In baseball, a pitcher may have developed an excellent pitch that he likes to use every time he gets into a jam. But if he overuses that pitch, he becomes predictable and batters love predictable pitchers. The same holds true for a quarterback who has a certain “money play” that he likes to call on third down. If he uses it too often, he also becomes predictable. When the defense knows what play is coming, it gives them an edge over the offense. Good habits practiced with good judgment are terrific signposts of maturity.

Of course, for many habits, a predictable pattern is welcome and admirable. Following each school day, a child needs to spend a period of time doing homework. In many households, the start of each day signals time for kids to make their beds. A responsibility for chores that involve a half an hour or more may be given to a child to perform on the weekend. But our kids’ days are not always predictable, which brings us to yet another challenge to forming good habits: scheduling.

The challenge for parents is working good habits within so much school schedule shuffling that inevitably goes on. For the parents, good judgment is required to determine how and when kids can fulfill their responsibilities around the house. It’s difficult to establish habits when a student might need to be at school one day at 6 a.m. for band practice and then must stay that evening for soccer. Yet, difficult as good habits may be to establish in a modern home, if they are not established, kids will suffer. Good habits lead to accomplishment and reinforce responsibilities, which in turn build self esteem. Sometimes schedules need to be adjusted, but parents and kids need to find time to keep practicing good habits.…

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What Do You Wish You Knew in High School That You Know Now?

What Do You Wish You Knew in High School That You Know Now?

If you were to ask a dozen elite runners what they know now that they wished they knew in high school when they first started becoming serious runners, you’d get a dozen different answers.

For example, you might wish that you knew:

There are more paces to run at than just “workout” and “race.” A�You should at least add maintenance to that list. You should always try to have a good A�idea going into each workout what the goal is, even if that goal is A�just to prepare for the next workout.

Recovery from two-a-day workouts can be much easier than doing 1 longer run throughout the day.

Consistency in training is very important, especially if you live in a climate with extreme weather where consistent running can be more difficult than elsewhere.

Skiing is a good cross training activity in that itA�gives you great cardiovascular fitness, but it just doesn’t translate onto the track and shouldn’t be used as a complete substitute for your running. Running even once or twice a week can be good enough to allow you to maintain your running fitness between the cross country and track seasons. Going for 5 or 6 weeks at a time without a run will not allow you leave you prepared no matter how well you are cross training. The same goes for the Summer when you need to bridge the gap between track and cross country.

A high volume workload can make a big difference in your performance as long as you safely work up to it.

Don’t be afraid to do some harder workouts while you are still in high school.

Make sure that you get plenty of sleep and can recover adequately, especially if you do add a higher volume workload or run harder workouts.

If you can, become a morning person, which will give you extra time for workouts, stretching, breakfast, et cetera. It becomes so much easier when you don’t have to be out the door 15 minutes after waking up.

Try to carry a canteen or other water bottle and refill it a few times throughout the day. Drink from it regularly.

Pack your own lunches. A�Muscle cells only live for 6 months, and are created out of the foods that you eat. So quite literally, you are what you eat. Every 6 months you have replaced every muscle fiber with completely new cells. Your diet might improve if you realized that your muscles are made up of various types of fast food and junk food.

As soon as you finish with your workout, eat an apple, banana, power bar, clif bar or something similar. This will help you to control your immediate appetite following the workout, which can help keep you from stopping on the way home for something like french fries that then fills you up so that you aren’t hungry at dinner time.

Being well hydrated and eating better will lead to feeling good every day and will help you perform well in your training so that you can improve in your racing. A�Getting enough food and rest to handle a larger workload will help you to become a better runner.

Some simple habits can make a huge difference as long as you take those couple of minutes per day to get them to sink in.…

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5 Tips for Locating the Best Chiropractic Firm in Virginia Beach

Lots of people need chiropractic care. When you’ve been in an accident and you had an injury, and you need proper recovery. When you have painful conditions that have no cure. Or, when you simply want to relax and feel good.

All these conditions can be treated at the chiropractor. Finding the best one, though, does not come easy. You need to do thorough research and find the one that will suit you best. Learn what this person does here.

In this article, we’re sharing a couple of tips on how to locate this particular practice. Read on if you want to know the secrets for finding the perfect chiropractor in the city.

1. Search for options online

When you search for a chiropractor on the internet, there are millions of results. You need to locate the best option out of them. Luckily for us, the algorithm of the search engines, highlight the best choices first.

Based on your location, and your personal information that the search engine picks up while you’re researching, it will give you the best options. However, the system doesn’t read minds. You need to choose the best one based on your needs.

For this, it’s best to first look at the map, and find out where businesses are located. The map will provide several options. Some of them are going to be great, others – not so much. However, with proper additional research, you’ll make the right choice.

2. Look up their portfolio and staff

Every option you see on the map can be clicked and researched. That’s how you look for the best option.

When you go on their web page, you can see more information about their business. You can see how long they’ve been in the business, and how many patients they treated. The experience of the doctors and staff is highly important. The more experience they have, the better for you as a patient.

Then look at their practice’s photos. See if you like the place. You should be going to a practice that looks like a barn. You want a high-tech facility treating you by all modern standards. Luckily, there’s not one chiropractor in Virginia Beach to choose from.

3. Read what their customers say about them

To be sure that you’re making a great choice, you should be asking their previous customers what they think about going to them. Are they going to give you the best massage ever? Will then relieve the pain? Are they working under all Covid-19 protocols, or they don’t really care about this?

This is all valuable information. The more you know about a business, the better understanding of the business you’ll have. It’s crucial to find out where you’re headed.

This is why you should be checking out people’s opinions about the particular places that you’re about to visit. See what they think. Open the review sites online and check out what people have to say about them. See who’s ranking the highest based on their reviews.

Those who have the best reputation are the ones you need. Go through several and make sure you’re making an appointment with those who are truly the best in the area.

4. Contact them and ask if they treat your problem

Some chiropractic places are not going to provide the care you need. For example, not all of them have laser therapy which is excellent for the muscles and joints. The magnet therapy is amazing too. It creates a huge difference for a very short time. Some practices are only providing massages, and that isn’t always enough.

5. Compare pricing and check insurance options

Most insurance companies are working with chiropractors. However, the insurance system is such, that not all practices will be covered by your insurance. If you’re not planning to spend money from the pocket, then you should check out what is the best place for this. Learn more about insurance on the link:


Everything above is proof that you need to do research before choosing. If you do research properly, you’ll find amazing solutions. Some of them are great, and others are not for you. Make sure you choose the best one for your need exclusively. Only then make the required appointment.…

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Three Good Habits for You – Udo’s Oil

Three Good Habits for You – Udo’s Oil

There are many additional supplements out there, but which ones are most effective in boosting your protein shake’s nutritional power? I took this question to my mom, the queen of research, and she suggested Udo’s Choice Oil Blend, which is a mix of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acid sources.

All About UdoA�s OilA�

Udo Erasmus is the creator of UdoA�s Oil. In 1980 he was poisoned by pesticides and it inspired him to research nutrition, the essential fat specifically, as a means of healing. Within three years, his research led him to experiment with the pressing and packaging of fresh oils. He had discovered that light, heat and oxygen were oilA�s enemy. Those three factors lead to a long shelf life but did not yield a healthy product. In the end, he developed Udo’s Oil.

UdoA�s Oil Ingredients

organic flax seed oil

organic sunflower seed oil

organic sesame seed oil

rice and oat germ oils

organic coconut oil

organic evening primrose oil

lecithin (guaranteed GMO-free)

vitamin E

antioxidants (tocotrienols)

rosemary oil

Benefits of UdoA�s Oil

An extensive study in Denmark was performed on 41 active males and females. The participants, ages ranging from 16 to 62, ingested UdoA�s Oil for 8 weeks with no changes to their diet. The study found that their generally well-being was improved in many ways. Most of the participants reported increased quality of sleep, better concentration, significantly increased energy and stamina, slight mood elevation, better skin quality and an increase in lean muscle mass and decreased body fat. These are points that Udo Erasmus has been making for years when talking about his own research.

How I Use UdoA�s Oil

The UdoA�s Oil website recommends 1tbsp per day at first. Once adjusted, gradually increase your dose to 1tbsp for every 50 pounds of body weight per day. UdoA�s Oil is mild. It has a nutty flavor and is easy to take on its own. I like to mix it into my salad dressing, smoothies and shakes. Check out one of my favorite recipes for salad/pasta dressing:

1tbsp UdoA�s Choice Oil Blend 1tbsp chopped garlic 1tsp basil 1tsp dill & 12tsp sea salt

This is another one of my new good habits and it is great. Since August, I have experienced more energy, decreased appetite, softer, less dry skin and I feel from using Udo’s Oil and drinking regular protein shakes. Successfully support yourself on the way to a happier, healthier body by combining good habits like Udo’s Oil and personal training.…

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Take 9 Steps and Stop This Disempowering Habit!

Take 9 Steps and Stop This Disempowering Habit!

1. First, take a look at your life and what you keep putting off and make a list of what needs to be done. Once you decide, write it down; it’s harder to ignore something written down. The written word is also powerful and can release pent up energy and emotions. Be gentle with yourself. Usually I will get in a calm mood, have beautiful music on and light a candle while I do this process. When you are scattered and unfocused it is difficult to do much and stay on task, right?

2. Prioritize the list- put your most urgent task/need in the number one position and so on.

3. Decide whether you want to tackle the higher priority or the lowest – some say start with the easiest to get the ball rolling. What works for you? You decide.

4. Once you determine what you will tackle first, write a date next to the item – do that for all your items. If you find that you are not able to complete the task in that time frame, you can come up with another date as long as you have been making steady progress here and not procrastinating. What you do not want to do is let yourself off the hook, which is the paradigm working on you again.

5. Sign your name to the list with a written pledge to yourself. If you need accountability, tell someone else what you are committing to and ask them to hold you accountable. (Example: “I,_______ commit to doing these tasks. I will ask for help and accountability when needed; signed __________).

6. Put your list in a place where you will see it regularly-the refrigerator door or office wall is usually a good place; the point is, it will be harder to ignore.

7. Now set an amount of time each day/week that you will commit to the first item you have chosen (when I worked on my office, I could only do it for 30 minutes or I became overwhelmed and grumpy.) Do what is workable for you or you will not follow through. Working on the task regularly is important however, or you will put it off again.

8. I have found that finishing the first item before moving on to the next one is crucial for me. You have prioritized your list so this will probably not be difficult; distractions are not your friend and can derail your efforts. We live in a world where over-stimulation and distractions are plentiful. Multitasking is not always beneficial, in fact recent studies show you get less done when working this way.

9. Each time you finish one goal/item, congratulate and reward yourself with something you enjoy doing. Make it FUN!

You may be amazed at how easy this becomes as you are forming positive habits by doing something towards your item/goal everyday/week. You are also breaking the habit of procrastination. You can do this! Notice how much better you feel as you follow through on what you know needs to get done. You are in control of your decisions which is very empowering. In forming good habits you win.

Here’s to empowering habits!…