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Developing Willpower and Discipline to Establish Good Habits

Developing Willpower and Discipline to Establish Good Habits

Achieving success in any worthy but difficult endeavor requires willpower, discipline and habit. These are intrinsic factors that can help overcome difficult situations. Without these factors, dreams are likely to remain as unfulfilled aspirations. Talent and opportunity rarely converge without the individual’s inner impetus to succeed. These concepts are similar and interconnected.


Willpower refers to the psychological factor of being highly committed and focused in doing a task or pursuing a goal. On the other hand, discipline involves the actual investment of effort, time and resources, requiring self-control. It is often associated with delayed gratification or the ability to avoid distractions. Habit may refer to regular any task or behavior that has become part of the routines of an individual.

Willpower is necessary to enforce self-discipline and sustained discipline is necessary to form good habits such as taking regular exercise and eating healthy food. Evidently, not all habits can be considered as positive or productive. Some habits such as vices and procrastinations need to be eliminated. Eliminating these bad habits will require willpower and discipline.


Just like bad habits, good habits can be developed through repetitions. By incorporating tasks, behaviors and attitudes in the regular routines, they usually become habits. More often than not, habits do not take too much effort or thought. They become natural and virtually effortless that they are almost instinctive.

Bad habits are oftentimes much easier to develop because they are pleasurable and sometimes addictive. They are also difficult to eliminate. For example, smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit that is hard to eliminate because of the addictive nicotine content. Any addictive habit creates physiological and psychological dependency that can interfere with normal cognitive functions.

If willpower and discipline are needed to develop good habits, they are also needed to eliminate bad habits. Unfortunately, bad habits are usually the result of external circumstances such as social pressure or culture. Case in point is the unhealthy eating habits of people in highly industrialized countries. Fast food restaurants are almost ubiquitous in these countries, serving high-calorie and fat-saturated food.


Developing willpower and discipline is only possible if there is enough motivation to do so. Motivation can be extrinsic or intrinsic. It may come in the form of incentive or threat. For example, the main incentive for eliminating smoking habit is better health either through disease prevention or recovery from already existing diseases such as emphysema and lung cancer.

Willpower and discipline will allow individuals to be fully responsible for their actions. These help in achieving success despite of difficulties. Hence, success truly become meritorious and worth savoring when accomplished.…

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Ways to Ignore Bad Habits and Embrace Good Ones

Ways to Ignore Bad Habits and Embrace Good Ones

Changing habits can be a problem. Advice is cheap. Being able to sift the good from the bad, the doable from the impossible can be challenging.

Losing bad habits is a state of mind. Considering what is best for the individual, mentally, physically, and psychologically and accepting that the best is a positive thing is one way. Looking at what needs to be changed as a positive thing rather than a denial of a cherished activity is the secret. Following this and believing it, embracing good habits, can only be beneficial. But how is this to be achieved?

Dealing with bad habits and getting rid of them takes time and thought. The first issue is to decide what is a bad habit. Is it something the person is ashamed of or something which they feel they would be better without?

The second to consider why it is so attractive. Smoking, for instance, is dangerous to health, causes discomfort to others, creates situations which can be embarrassing and yet it remains a popular activity. If the smoker looks at the pros and cons of this activity and makes a list under each title what information is found?

Pros, it is apparently a community activity, it goes with having a drink, being friendly, sharing an activity which makes the smoker feel part of the crowd, being seen as sophisticated.

Cons. Research shows it does terrible things to the body, ages the skin, costs a fortune in health care, is expensive to maintain, makes the smoker smell, and they cannot stop because the tobacco is addictive.

Some unfortunates are more addicted than others and there can be no guarantee that their health will not fail. How to deal with this.?

A doctor is one way to start to get help. A pharmacist another. They should be able to give vital information and possibly those aids such as nicotine patches which can help. The most important thing is to feel that this monumental change is beneficial, that the person is in control. Being able to remember to say no to offered cigarettes can be a source of pride. This is being positive. However, the other important thing to remember is that there might be lapses. They happen to everyone so the individual should not berate themselves but go back to the beginning.

Dieting is another bad habit. Actually diet is merely what is eaten but it tends to be associated with losing weight. Again some thought is needed. What sort of food does the person like, what feels good in the body and what sort of food suits them. That information balanced against what is good nutrition can help someone to start to eat sensibly. The trick is to view the changes as being helpful and not denying something liked.

To lose weight less food has to be eaten than is needed. Reserves can then be used up. Sounds simple. It is. Eat only when you are hungry. Learn to recognize the real signs of hunger as opposed to thirst. Stop eating when the full feeling occurs even if the plate is not empty. Eat what you want, because you will eat it eventually, but stop when your body and brain say enough rather than overriding those feelings and the fat will go. Chocolate, it is suggested, helps dieters.

Ignoring bad habits and embracing good ones is more about changing how someone thinks about their activities than about the activity. Looking at any alteration in behavior as a good thing which makes the person feel better physically, mentally and psychologically is the positive way forward.…

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Get Rid Of The Job Of Worry From Your Life

Get Rid Of The Job Of Worry From Your Life

Do you want power? Get the consciousness of power. Do you want peace? Get the consciousness of peace. What we have to do in our lives is get the consciousness first and we will achieve what we want ultimately, but there is a catch. We must delete the job of worry from our lives in order to get these things. Worry and fear does not work with the consciousness of what we want, no matter what the “justification behind it.” Sure, it can be said that consciousness is the key choice of worrying or not worrying. But as I am going to say throughout this article, and have said in the sentences before this one. Delete worry from your life and get a winning consciousness and power consciousness and all else will be added.

Sure, it sounds simple, and it is simple. But, in practice, at first, it seems like the hardest thing in the world and existence. But, look out, once it becomes a habit, it becomes very easy.

What happens in the depths of the mind when a disciplined effort is done? The effort goes from working effort to easy habit. Think about this to yourself: We have to put out effort to create the consciousness and all else will be added through the ensuing habit. Good habits are power, bad habits are weakness. From a winning point of view, it is good to develop good habits, from a losing point of view it is easier to default to bad habits. Note the semantics of that last sentence and the way I use the words “develop” and “default.” Power is developed, weakness is made the default mechanism.

For everyone and everything to cause good development is always positive, to default to the bad or evil is always negative, even if it seems good at the time that it “happens” and is not caused. Anything we want, we need to cause the consciousness of within ourselves, this is all important. Without what you cause yourself, we cannot have what we genuinely want.

So, do not default, be a powerful cause, fire the job of worry from your life and create the consciousness you want of peace and power as an effect, without any regard for what “could happen” or “fearful consequence.” Create good causes and habits and you will get great results and effects. I end with nine words: The only thing you need to do is start.…

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5 Bullet Proof Habits That Will Help You Take Your Online Business to a New Level

5 Bullet Proof Habits That Will Help You Take Your Online Business to a New Level

We all have habits, good or bad. Have you tried to start a new habit without success? I am sure you have, we all have.

Some people decide to change some of their habits on the first of every year, just to give them up after a short while. You don’t have to wait until the first of next year to start a new habit.

As a matter of fact, a new habit can be picked up in 21 days. This means that you can start at least 12 new useful and productive habits in a year.

Would 12 new habits help you advance in your internet business? It most definitely would!

In my online business I see lots of internet marketers who seem to have a problem when it comes to get into the habit of writing articles, so for the sake of this example, let’s take article writing, but you could use these tips for ANY good habits you want to take on to improve your online business or any business for that matter.

We all have tried to start a new habit for a while to see it going down the drain after a while. If it’s your case, you are not alone, we have ALL done that!

The question is what could you do about it?

Here are 5 tips that will help you TAKE and KEEP a valuable new habit to improve your online business.

1) Start small. Do not decide to write 3 articles a day if you can’t keep up with one yet. Start with one. Starting too big will make you give up your habit before it even gets the change to become one.

2) Schedule your habit. Try to do your new habit at the same time every day. Habits are better kept on schedule. Set a time to write your article and stick to that time. It will be easier for you to keep the habit of writing an article at the same time every day, than it would if you didn’t have a specific time.

3) Anticipate the moment. This is when scheduling a specific time to write your article will be even handier. Around an hour or so before you time to write comes, start writing your article

mentally, getting ready for it with ideas. What are you going to write about? Do you have a theme? A title? An introduction? Start getting into the mood of your article writing moment.

4) Make an appointment with your habit. Do not schedule anything else at your article writing time. Do not check emails and do not answer the phone. Take this moment seriously and reserve that time of the day for it.

5) Penalize yourself if you miss. If you miss your appointment with your new habit, even if it was nothing of your fault, give yourself a self-inflicted payment with interest for it. You know

how if you don’t pay your utility bills on time you have to pay them later with interest? Yes, you still have to pay, but this time even a bit more with interest as a penalty for being late. If you

skip your appointment with your new habit, in this case writing your one article, make yourself write 2 the next day. This will help you greatly to “pay your habit on time”.

Taking a new habit takes discipline and you are the ONLY person who can do it.

If you want to incorporate new habits into your life to help you drive your online business to a new level you must take on those new habits.…

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Wish You Could Stop the Clock, Slow Things Down, Get More Time and Kick Start Your New Life?

Wish You Could Stop the Clock, Slow Things Down, Get More Time and Kick Start Your New Life?

We all wish and hope for better things, for more time, more money, better career, more fulfilling relationships, greater inner peace…

While that’s a good start, unfortunately most of us leave it there and don’t do anything about it. What starts as a wish, remains a wish, an unfulfilled wish

Time goes by, we continue to wish and hope, increasing our list but not necessarily our actions

Frustration builds up accompanied by a sense of failure and reduced self esteem

What’s the point of all this?

Is there a better way to deal with our wants and desires?

Is there a simple yet practical way to make our dreams come true?

Is there a blueprint for success and peak performance?

Yes,yes,yes & yes

All we need are two keys that go by the name of:




Awareness is about opening up, about acknowledging and absorbing like a sponge new,life changing information that is all around us

Information that is relevant, focused and powerful

Studies with highly successful people the world over has indicated that they first focus on becoming aware on 6 key areas of life in order to achieve success and peak performance



3. Money



6. Spirituality

Health is Wealth

Notice health features as the number one in the list

Quick question

Is there anything significant you can achieve in life with failing or poor health?

You are wise enough to know that the answer is a firm No

Yet most of us spend more time, more money and energy on maintaining

depreciating assets like our cars, bikes, electronics etc rather than our health

Is there anything significant you can achieve in life with failing or poor health?

If health is so important are you maintaining your body and mind?

Are you feeding it the right fuel? Are you providing it sufficient rest?

Are you doing the necessary proactive check ups at regular intervals?

Go ahead, answer the below questions and become aware of where you stand with regard

to your health

Answer the following 7 questions HONESTLY

1 Are you at your ideal weight Yes No

2 Do you have high immunity & low stress Yes No

3 Do you eat on time/follow a healthy diet Yes No

4 Do you exercise 4 to 6 times a week Yes No

5 Do you meditate 4 to 6 times a week Yes No

6 Do you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday Yes No

7 Do you avoid smoking completely Yes No

Look at the answers, what are they telling you about your mental and physical health?

Note down your thoughts

Remember your health is your most important area of life for success


Answer the following two questions by making a list

What do you need to START doing from today to achieve and retain good health? ( Be specific )






What do you need to STOP doing from today to achieve and retain good health? ( Be specific )






Take Action Now

Just by acting on the above two steps, you can bring about massive change in your life


Take one small step everyday instead of trying to change everything overnight

Believe that you can change for the better

Be persistent and consistent in progressing that small step everyday

Maintain a weekly calendar and monitor your daily progress

Keep it simple, celebrate your daily success

Keep taking those daily steps until your achieve good health

Never give up, its your wonderful life

Tell us what you think of this article, was it useful? How can we make it better?

Take Action Now

Best wishes…

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4 Things That Can Kill You

4 Things That Can Kill You

In life, we get up to many things. Some of the things we do will promote our well being and others, well others may kill us. There are top habits that have been labelled killers and according to statistics, doing or facilitating these things over time can cause death. With the following you will be in a position to make better choices to promote good habits and preserve life.


Dehydration which is lack of enough water in the body can be caused by factors such as alcoholism. Also, living a lifestyle in which you do not take enough water can kill through development of health problems. Most of our bodies consist of water and making choices to drink enough water per day may promote your life. Therefore, cut all practices that take water away from your cells.


This is lack of sleep and it can be caused by stress. Sleep is paramount to our well being and people who form a habit of not getting enough sleep could compromise their lives. The sure way to overcome insomnia is to manage stress and seek medical help for further investigations.


Many people never like to hear this but obesity is a disease and can kill you. Being overweight comes as a result of accumulating too much fat in the body as a result of overeating and poor exercise habits or lack of exercise. Obesity can be treated using diet and exercise. This problem will also cause a host of diseases that have the power to end life like heart attacks and strokes.


Living a stressful life will first compromise your choices and later affect your health overall. It is caused by different factors and all people can do is manage it accordingly. Those that go down due to stress will not have employed effective ways to deal with stress. Most times, people never admit they need relief from stress and this denial is pretty harmful.…

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The Next Big Thing May Be Little Things

The Next Big Thing May Be Little Things

The next big thing could make you rich. But little things you do, or can do, have more power.

It may take years to become an overnight success. If it does, so what?

Patience is a virtue. Urgency should not be confused with haste.

Good things come to those who wait. Those who give up always fail.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it. But remember, an oceanfront home in Nebraska will never happen.

We’ve all heard these various pearls of wisdom, or some variation of them, throughout our lives. As a package, they motivate many successful people. They also distract unsuccessful people, because those people will never believe them.

With some luck, one can get rich quickly. Most people who do get rich, however, do so a dollar at a time, over time. They treasure the journey as much as the reward.

Others, however, can never see themselves as wealthy. They see their journey as drudgery. They do things because they have to, or are forced to, and don’t, or won’t, see any other way. For them, the “good life” happens on weekends, holidays and vacations – presuming they have jobs that give them such time off. They look forward to the day they will not have to work anymore.

Those who get rich slowly do things that will get them to success. They will keep doing them consistently until they die. They take pleasure in the tasks. They do today what others won’t, so they can do tomorrow what others can’t. They are confident that if they have something good and rewarding, and stay with it, they will prosper. Some may get there faster, and faster may look better. But if success comes later, will you beat yourself up because it took so long, or will you bask in the reward that was a long time coming?


Attitude trumps circumstances on the way to success. Poker players, in a fair game, never know what hand they will be dealt. They take their hand, and make decisions accordingly. The decisions determine success, not the hand. Good decisions, over time, will build success.

Setbacks and failings will come. But setbacks and failings don’t equate to failure. Decisions after setbacks and failings will determine success. Successful people see setbacks and failings as rocks in the road, meant to be moved, climbed over or driven around. They see setbacks and failings as tools to success. Truly successful people may climb over rocks, but won’t deliberately step on anyone’s toes. Successful people may create difficulties for themselves. But if they create havoc for others in the process, the success is tainted.

Misery loves company. Successful people spend little time with, or avoid entirely, miserable company. They look to associate with those who inspire them, not conspire against them.

Success has many different definitions, not just a monetary one. Remember that if it is to be, it is up to me. Keep doing the little things you do, or can do, while you wait for the next big thing.…