5 Bullet Proof Habits That Will Help You Take Your Online Business to a New Level

5 Bullet Proof Habits That Will Help You Take Your Online Business to a New Level

We all have habits, good or bad. Have you tried to start a new habit without success? I am sure you have, we all have.

Some people decide to change some of their habits on the first of every year, just to give them up after a short while. You don’t have to wait until the first of next year to start a new habit.

As a matter of fact, a new habit can be picked up in 21 days. This means that you can start at least 12 new useful and productive habits in a year.

Would 12 new habits help you advance in your internet business? It most definitely would!

In my online business I see lots of internet marketers who seem to have a problem when it comes to get into the habit of writing articles, so for the sake of this example, let’s take article writing, but you could use these tips for ANY good habits you want to take on to improve your online business or any business for that matter.

We all have tried to start a new habit for a while to see it going down the drain after a while. If it’s your case, you are not alone, we have ALL done that!

The question is what could you do about it?

Here are 5 tips that will help you TAKE and KEEP a valuable new habit to improve your online business.

1) Start small. Do not decide to write 3 articles a day if you can’t keep up with one yet. Start with one. Starting too big will make you give up your habit before it even gets the change to become one.

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2) Schedule your habit. Try to do your new habit at the same time every day. Habits are better kept on schedule. Set a time to write your article and stick to that time. It will be easier for you to keep the habit of writing an article at the same time every day, than it would if you didn’t have a specific time.

3) Anticipate the moment. This is when scheduling a specific time to write your article will be even handier. Around an hour or so before you time to write comes, start writing your article

mentally, getting ready for it with ideas. What are you going to write about? Do you have a theme? A title? An introduction? Start getting into the mood of your article writing moment.

4) Make an appointment with your habit. Do not schedule anything else at your article writing time. Do not check emails and do not answer the phone. Take this moment seriously and reserve that time of the day for it.

5) Penalize yourself if you miss. If you miss your appointment with your new habit, even if it was nothing of your fault, give yourself a self-inflicted payment with interest for it. You know

how if you don’t pay your utility bills on time you have to pay them later with interest? Yes, you still have to pay, but this time even a bit more with interest as a penalty for being late. If you

skip your appointment with your new habit, in this case writing your one article, make yourself write 2 the next day. This will help you greatly to “pay your habit on time”.

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Taking a new habit takes discipline and you are the ONLY person who can do it.

If you want to incorporate new habits into your life to help you drive your online business to a new level you must take on those new habits.