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Are You Modeling Healthy Habits For Your Kids?

Are You Modeling Healthy Habits For Your Kids?

Much of the way children behave is dependent on what they see and hear from their family. They tend to “pick up on” good habits demonstrated by their parents, as well as some less desirable behaviors. Stopping to self-evaluate the following three areas will go a long way in helping guide children toward better health.

Are you preparing and eating healthy foods?

Do you plan what you and your family will eat before you go to the store? Having a plan for healthy eating is important. This way you ensure you included the essential fruits and vegetables, protein food, and some grains in your meals. Your shopping will not be centered around processed foods and soft drinks. When you serve healthy, wholesome foods, your children will know this is what is important. It will form a solid foundation for their dietary needs.

Are you getting outside in the sun and exercising? Exercising shouldn’t only be for children, nor should it only be done outdoors. It can be any type of physical activity either inside or out. But a little sun definitely lifts the mood and spirit and your body craves the healthful rays. If your children see you sitting on the sofa, they, too, will think this is appropriate for them. The attitude you have toward any physical activity will be reflected back to them.

Do you take time to play and interact with your children? Are you always too busy or too tired? If you’re too tired when you get home, perhaps sitting and reading the newspaper to small children, or listening to their day will help you connect. This is time well spent. And do you really listen to them? With your eyes as well as your ears? Children want and need to know they are important to you. By paying attention to what they say, act, and do, you will be transmitting care and concern for them.

Good parenting means meeting many responsibilities. Proper food and sufficient exercise are necessary for all members of the family. What you do or don’t do is modeled by your children. Get them on the right track by practicing good habits they will want to emulate. Spending quality time with your children will not go unnoticed by them. Studies show that physical care, love and concern are important for children’s proper growth and development. Be generous in your love and attention.…

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Treating Fibroids – What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Diet

Treating Fibroids – What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Diet

I don’t know about you but my diet was not the perfect at all! I love my food but realized the problems and issues I was experiencing over the years with my internal organs, wasn’t easy. I suffered with painful stomach aches and did not realize that it was all down to the foods I ate.

I visited my doctors and the hospital on numerous occasions but was not informed that my diet was the cause of my ills and I was told by my doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. Its good to talk because it was through talking to friends one evening that I decided to visit a nutritionist. It was then that I realized the doctors were not prepared to accept that unless they could see through their telescope or other device that my internal organs were unhealthy, there was nothing wrong with me!

My nutritionist looked at my eyes and tongue and was able to detect that my foods are causing my ills! I was flabbergasted at the doctors! They were who I had placed so much trust in yet they were unable to detect my medical issues. My nutritionist was my life saver and now when I see people suffering with their stomach especially, I tell them look at what you are eating!

Since being diagnosed with fibroids, I have learnt so much about the foods we eat daily. I have learnt that different cultures eat differently and are affected by foods more so than others. In the Black and Asian communities, the women suffer with certain ills like fibroids, endometriosis, renal failure, certain cancers and men suffer with prostate – and all this boils down to is the foods they eat. Looking at the different diets and what one culture eats more of than another, answers the question why one culture suffers more than the other…

Chicken is a popular dish which is eaten in the Black and Asian communities. Eating chicken which is full of pesticides and then turns into toxic poisoning inside our body and thus the fibroids feed from these poisons and thus grows larger. The way we can combat our fibroids from growing any larger if we continue eating chicken, is either we rear the chicken ourselves or eat organic or free range chicken which effectively has no pesticides or the amount in organic and free range chickens is minimal. Same with red meats – eat only meat which is organic – I personally do not eat red meat because of the time once chewed to break down in the colon and intestines which turns to poison and causes stomach upsets etc. etc. and if stuck there, it takes a long time to remove itself from our internal body system.

The benefits of changing your diet is you no longer suffer with uncomfortable pains in your stomach, no constipation, no bloated stomach, its easier to open your bowels too. You will become a much healthier person – you are careful in what you introduce your body to and you do take the tome now to make sure what you eat is beneficial to your body system – its all worth it.…

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Healthy Habits That Everyone Should Follow – Rules For Good Health

Healthy Habits That Everyone Should Follow – Rules For Good Health

Health is considered as one of the most precious thing and the best way to be healthy is to be happy, practice good habits, and maintain a healthy regular routine and a healthy way of thought. Here are some useful tips to make you fit and healthy.

15 Simple Rules for Good Health

1. You might heard of this nursery rhyme – ‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise’. You should maintain a healthy routine after waking up early so as to perform the right time and ensure good health.

2. You should try to avoid anxiety and stressful conditions. Stress and anxiety is linked to many other health risks. So keep them away from you.

3. Don’t suppress the natural urge to pass stool and urine. They help remove unwanted toxins out of the body.

4. Use antiseptic soap or liquid gel to wash your hands before eating.

5. Regular cleaning of the tongue to remove extra coatings is necessary for oral hygiene.

6. Brush your teeth after every meal, at least two times – in morning and at night before going to bed. Toothbrush with soft, rounded bristles is best. Brush the teeth for at least two minutes.

7. To remove food particles use a proper up and down motion with the brush and then rinse your mouth thoroughly. If brushing is inconvenient at some places, rinse with warm or plain water for at least 30 seconds.

8. Avoid chewing betel nut to prevent erosion and cavities in the teeth.

9. Floss regularly between the teeth and use a fluoride toothpaste or baking soda.

10. Replace your toothbrush every three months.

11. Do not use your nails, toothpicks or other pointed things to clean the teeth because it can wear away the gums resulting in complete exposure of teeth.

12. Take a well balanced nutritious diet containing all minerals, vitamins, proteins, carbohydrates, fats and water in the requisite proportions.

13. Never eat food while under stress, strain or worry as it hinders the digestive process. Avoid any other simultaneous activity as this forces the heart to pump more blood, showing down digestion and leading to various ailments including indigestion. Thus, you should avoid reading or studying while eating.

14. You sometimes tempted to over eat your favorite tasty foods. Avoid this as it distends the abdomen and leaves no space for water and air.

15. Breathe from the nostrils and not the mouth. Your nose is lined with small hairs that help filter the air. The air is warmed and moistened in the nose. Breathing from the mouth dries the pharynx, resulting in a dry cough and the formation of mucous.

Disclaimer: This article is not meant to provide health advice and is for general information only. Always seek the insights of a qualified health professional before embarking on any health program.

Copyright © Ryan Mutt, All Rights Reserved. If you want to use this article on your website or in your ezine, make all the urls (links) active.…

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Starting a Business Requires Self-Discipline

Starting a Business Requires Self-Discipline

Self-discipline is the foundation of success for anyone starting a new business. Self-discipline means building good habits and sticking to those good habits… no matter what.

My self-discipline comes in the form of a daily schedule. I’m at my desk by seven. My mornings are spent on creative activities and planning. My afternoons are reserved for phone calls, meetings, and reaching out to others. Evenings and weekends are for play.

My approach is that I always work before I play. However, there are times when a friend calls to invite me to join them for an early morning “recreational” activity. (I’m thinking of Harry and his boat.) On rare occasions, I will break my routine and join in. However, because of my self-discipline, I replace time lost by working Saturday morning.

Some people look at my approach and say, “How boring. You’re a slave to your business.” I don’t see it that way. I believe that without self-discipline, we accomplish far less.

The way I look at it, when we — knowingly or unknowingly — allow others to have power over us, that stands in the way of our progress and our success.

I wasn’t always this way. My natural tendency was to be “loose” — to work when I felt like it and play whenever the opportunity presented itself. Those were lean earning years. In time, I not only learned the value of self-discipline, I mastered self-discipline.

Some people have a really hard time with this. So they opt to have someone else hold them accountable – that is, to keep their feet to the fire. Working with a business coach or subscribing to an online accountability program help people who are starting a business set goals and objectives that are tied to a calendar.

By stating to a coach or entering a specific objective such as, “By next week, I’ll finish up on A, B, and C and make that call to Mr. Z,” helps assure that the tasks get done.

For someone starting a business, it’s good to know that self-discipline can be learned, as can working with an online accountability program. If you have a clock and calendar, and can make goals for yourself, it doesn’t take long for you to see the rewards of this serious approach to making it happen.…

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The Most Important Aspect of Skilled Parenting Is Teaching

The Most Important Aspect of Skilled Parenting Is Teaching

Teaching is one of the skilled parenting skills that is absolutely necessary.

As a parent, you also become a teacher without any formal training, Your children are also your drawback is that you now work seven days a week, with no vacation, nor paycheck, and you are evaluated daily.

Your children are constantly learning as they grow. To them, it’s like a game of follow the leader, which you now become, and not surprisingly as is often repeated. you are never too old to learn.

The easiest and most effective way to teach is by example. Even adults learn by repeating what we want to learn. Your kids will practice what they see you do. so it best to try to set a good example at all times.

Avoid spoiling your children: This a very important point that most parents often ignore. Some parents will try to compensate for the lack of time that they may be missing with their kids by giving them everything that they want. If you want to make it up to your children, it may be better to take some time off or rearrange your schedule. Remember, your presence may be more appreciated than presents.

Let your children earn extra stuff by doing chores. The reward for work will be appreciated both now and later in life.

Always try to set good examples in your behavior and attitudes andA� it may be your chance to start practicing good habits and eliminate the bad ones.

It may be possible, but difficult, for bad parents to raise good children, again, it depends on your attitude and your life outlook.

Your children can grow up to be kinder and more considerate of others, if you teach them how to do so, when they are young.

Good manners are always important, both personally and professionally.

Rules, even though they may not be understood, are made to be followed.

Honesty and responsibility are the hallmarks of truly successful people. Teaching honesty and responsibility can require time and patience. You can teach honesty by encouraging your kids to tell the truth and let you know what’s on their minds, by asking why they feel the way they do about any issues. This strategy should open up a dialogue.

Avoid confrontation. “Why did you do this?”A� is more effective than ” Did you do this?”, because it encourages honesty.

Perhaps the most important way to teach honesty is to be honest with yourself and avoid lying to your kids as it sets a very bad example, as they may think that may be OK to lie and may end up doing the same.

Teaching responsibility can start with small tasks than can be rewarded. This not only develops a sense of responsibility, but it also teaches good habits. As children grow older, they may want to handle responsibilities, at this poi, the nature of the responsibilities should change.

Teach children to build independence, self-esteem and confidence by letting them do things that you would normally do, for themselves, and it is important to remember to praise them for their achievements.

Respect for others: Teaching children to be respectful should emphasize that they need to be good listeners, to be polite, to be kind and helpful at all times.” Remember, to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”.

Skilled parenting involves putting yourself up a good example to be followed as children learn easily by following examples.…

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The Right Habits

The Right Habits

Have you ever had a breakthrough that didn’t have staying power? Have you ever realized something so clearly about yourself – and then not followed through on that insight? If so, it’s most likely because you didn’t have in place the tools of persistence, namely HABITS.

So, let’s take a look at habits. What are they? The free dictionary says: “A recurrent, often unconscious pattern of behavior that is acquired through frequent repetition.” So habits can be good or bad, as you surely suspected. Your job is develop the good ones. Now, it is commonly said that it takes 30 days to form a new habit, and I have found that to be fairly accurate. If I can keep it up for 30 days, I pretty much don’t mind it anymore.

So, in order to maintain your breakthrough you need only develop the right habits to keep you walking in the direction of your new found commitments. Great.

What are the right habits? I’ll give you three that work every time, though you may want to add some for your particular circumstance.

Habit one: Affirmations. Write them to suit your new commitments and then say them EVERYDAY. Don’t just write them and post them, or file them even. They must be SPOKEN by you, to be heard by you. With feeling, please.

Habit two: Keep your eye on the goal. Make time everyday to do some envisioning exercises. This is the number one habit to develop. Time spent here just speeds up your goals in coming to you. So who doesn’t want that?

Habit three: Chill. The more we can relax and “go downstream” the faster we can get to our goals. We have learned that we need to push, push, push to get things done, and it can really make us go backwards. So find a way to chill and do it EVERYDAY. I love meditation, but taking a walk is a good way, or knitting or drawing. Just practicing silence or prayer will do the trick. You know what it is that helps you get back to center. Do it.

Develop these three habits, by doing them everyday and the change in your life will amaze you. You will “live with the license of a higher order of beings” as Thoreau says. Life will become easier. You dream it, the way shows up, you go there. Repeat.

Now there are all sorts of stop gaps you can put in there too, and I encourage all that will support you. Telling a friend to hold you accountable, or even hiring a coach can help you to stick to your goal. Keeping a daily journal of your progress can help as well as making a vision board of your goal to keep it front and center in your mind.

The important thing is to keep advancing confidently in the direction of your dreams. Right habits can help you do this.…

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How To Make or Break a Habit

How To Make or Break a Habit

Let’s face it, we all have habits, some good and some bad. Habits are learned behaviors that we’ve picked up somewhere along the way. Most of us have a habit or two we’d like to break, or a habit we’d really like to make as part of our daily routine.

For most people, it takes only a few weeks for a new behavior to become routine, or habit. The following steps can make it easier to establish a new behavior pattern.

* The first thing to do is to set a goal. When you are trying to stop or break a habit, you should always set a postitive goal towards the task. For example, instead of saying “I will quit buying fast food for my family and I”, say “My family and I will cook delicious and healthy meals together every night”. Make sure to write down your goal because committing it to paper helps you to take your goal more seriously. Tip: It can help if you tell your goal to someone who supports and encourages you.

* If you are wanting to stop a bad habit then think of a new positive habit to start in its place. This is a very important step. It helps to focus on a new positive behavior while trying to stop an old bad habit. This make it easier to break the old bad habit and prevents it from returning.

* Pay attention to what triggers your habit. Remember, behavior patterns don’t exist on their own. Often times, a habit can be associated with another part of your regular daily routine. For instance, in the junk food example above the trigger may be that you make other daily tasks more of a priority and then you make the excuse that you don’t have time to cook a healthy meal. Many people who smoke automatically light up after eating. Think about when and why you do the thing you want to quit.

* Place reminders around your home and work space like notes or pictures. It really helps to place them in places where you tend to have the bad habit. For example: You want to break the habit of eating when you are bored. Place a note on the refrigerator where you will see it that says “Bored? Go for a walk.”

* Get help and support from someone who has the same goal as you. This can be very helpful and motivating. Having a good support system with people you see every day can help you make or break your habit faster and easier. Stay away from people who seem to be naysayers or sabatoers.

* Have daily affirmations about your goal. This is my favorite part. The idea is to write down or say what it is that you want to change several time a day. Write or say it in present tense, as if it is already happening. This “tricks” you subconscious mind into thinking it is happening. For example:

Don’t say “I don’t want to be tired and fat anymore”

Do say “I am now healthy, thin and full of energy”

* Finally, be sure to reward yourself for your progress. This helps make the challenges you face every day worth it in your subconscious mind. They do not have to be extravagant rewards. They can be something small or sentimental that gives you a pat on the back for a job well done and encourage you to keep going.…