Children’s Habits

Children’s Habits

With very young children, before they hit their teens and feel the need to overturn all they have been taught and show us they are ‘different’, habits are usually picked up from the surrounding they spend most of their time in. They pick up what they see around them from brushing their teeth at nights to reading books or listening to music.

Good Habits

Reading books is a good habit to cultivate. It brings a whole new world into our lives, a world of imagination and creativity. From an early age, if books are read to them at bedtime until they can read on their own, they will learn to appreciate the world of books.

If they hear music played in their homes, they will naturally learn to enjoy and appreciate music. Similarly, so many habits are formed as they grow in an environment where the adults make an effort to introduce such culture into their lives.

Bad Habits

On the other side of the coin are the bad habits that can be picked up with just as much ease. Some of them could be shouting at one another, being careless with things, throwing things around, and even bad behavior. What they see becomes what they get.

There is not enough stress laid on the importance of cultivating good habits. These habits are going to reflect the children’s personality as they grow up and venture into the adult world. These are what they will be judged on by their peers. By then, it may be too late to change or it is likely to take monumental effort on their parts to change their bad habits into good.

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Do we really want to send out children out into the world unprepared? Do we want them to be judged and found wanting? Surely not; when the solution lies in our hands!

As parents and adults, we can make an effort to teach our children good habits. Regardless of what it is, it will stand them in good stead as they step away from their childhood homes and enter the big bad world out there. In the process, children and parents may grow to form a much closer bond. Introducing good habits can be made interesting and exciting. Start them young and you won’t have to face rebellion as they enter their teens. It will be well worth the effort.