Decrease Complications of Lasik Surgery with Bladeless Surgery

Optometry is a medical term for a profession that involves the examining of a person’s eyes with the proper visual equipment. Any abnormalities or defects in the eyes will be found. A diagnosis is learned, and any medical eye disease are located. Optometry first started with the main focus on correcting the refractive inaccuracy of the eyes. A person could then get relief by wearing glasses. Today, optometry is much more involved by requiring education and additional medical training. The training involves diagnosis and supervision of ocular disease. In the United States, Optometrists are recognized as Doctors of Optometry.

Individuals who need eye care should find an Ophthalmologists who can provide them with the proper thorough eye care. An Ophthalmologists has 12-14 years of education after high school. They first need their four years of college, medical school is another fours year, general internship for another year, residency of three years and another 1 to 2 years of optional fellowship. Once they have completed all their education and internship, they become an ophthalmologist that can perform everything an optometrist can plus they are a medical doctor and surgeon.

Entrance standards are extremely competitive into the training program to become an ophthalmologist. There are rigorous and extensive surgical and medical exams that have to be taken just to qualify for a program. Once the 12-14 years are finished, some go on to train in advance training in special areas for laser vision correction, pediatric ophthalmology, pathology and other fields.

Lasik surgery has become very popular for the correction of astigmatism, farsightedness, and nearsightedness. These conditions are all caused by the cornea being out of shape. If you are farsighted, your cornea is too flat, if you are nearsighted your cornea is too steep and if you have astigmatism, your cornea is shaped like a football.

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A procedure like lasik surgery nashville tn is very popular. It has helped thousands of people correct their vision problems. The procedure only takes a few minutes and can make a big difference in a person’s life. People who have had the surgery feel that it has given them more confidence and are happy to be gone with their glasses and contacts.

The most popular Lasik surgery done is the bladeless Lasik surgery. Many people are afraid of having a blade taken their eyes, even if it is a surgical procedure. The bladeless Lasik is blade-free. It is all laser surgery done by a professional Ophthalmologists to correct a person’s vision.

A thin flap in the cornea is created by a femtosecond laser that is very fast. The underlying corneal tissue is reshaped by an excimer laser to repair your vision. After that procedure, the flap is put back in its original position.

The bladed surgical tool is called a microkeratome. With bladeless Lasik, there is no need for the microkeratome. No blade is used at all with the bladeless procedure. It has also been established that anyone who is eligible for Lasik surgery is also a candidate for the bladeless procedure. The bladeless procedure or all-laser Lasik surgery may also decrease the complications that are seen using the microkeratome blade procedure.