Five Good Habits of Fitness Nutrition – Healthy Eating For Fat Loss

Five Good Habits of Fitness Nutrition – Healthy Eating For Fat Loss

Habit One – Eat Regularly

It’s tough to get a complete healthy diet when you are only eating two or three times per day. Limiting yourself to just a few meals can zap your energy levels, lead to a loss of muscle and even increase your body fat. Aim to eat something every three hours or so to control your appetite.

Habit Two – Eat High Quality Proteins

Lean protein is critical for controlling both appetite and blood sugar levels. This in turn will help to ensure that you keep your lean muscles mass. It is quite common for people to eat too little protein. A simple remedy to this problem is to make sure you have at least one serve of protein with every meal. Men can have up to two serves per meal. One serving is going to be about the size of the palm of your hand.

Habit Three – Enjoy Starchy Carbohydrates Only After Exercise

In the two to three hours after intense physical activity you body will tolerate starchy carbohydrates such as grains and starchy vegetables much better than any other time of the day. During the rest of the day you want to focus on leafy greens, fruits, berries and legumes. Do this and you are more likely to gain (or at least keep) your muscle as well as lose fat. Once again the serving size is going to be about the size of your palm. Women can have one serve, men can have two.

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Habit Four – Include Vegetables or Fruits with every meal.

Just as you are getting good proteins every three hours or so, you want to be getting a good serve of fruits or veggies each time you eat. The current recommendations are quite low, so if you aim for 8-10 servings per day you will really thrive. That works out to just under two servings per meal which is very easy to achieve. One serving of fruit is roughly half a cup and one serve of vegetables is roughly one cup.

Habit Five – Mix In Healthy Fats

To round out the balance you want to get a good mix of healthy fats into your diet as well. This will help to ensure that your health and hormones stay balanced. Aim to get a variety of sources such as flax seeds, fish oil, olive oil, almonds, walnuts or cashews. Don’t over do it though, one table spoon of oil or two table spoons of nuts or seeds will be adequate.