Get Rid Of The Job Of Worry From Your Life

Get Rid Of The Job Of Worry From Your Life

Do you want power? Get the consciousness of power. Do you want peace? Get the consciousness of peace. What we have to do in our lives is get the consciousness first and we will achieve what we want ultimately, but there is a catch. We must delete the job of worry from our lives in order to get these things. Worry and fear does not work with the consciousness of what we want, no matter what the “justification behind it.” Sure, it can be said that consciousness is the key choice of worrying or not worrying. But as I am going to say throughout this article, and have said in the sentences before this one. Delete worry from your life and get a winning consciousness and power consciousness and all else will be added.

Sure, it sounds simple, and it is simple. But, in practice, at first, it seems like the hardest thing in the world and existence. But, look out, once it becomes a habit, it becomes very easy.

What happens in the depths of the mind when a disciplined effort is done? The effort goes from working effort to easy habit. Think about this to yourself: We have to put out effort to create the consciousness and all else will be added through the ensuing habit. Good habits are power, bad habits are weakness. From a winning point of view, it is good to develop good habits, from a losing point of view it is easier to default to bad habits. Note the semantics of that last sentence and the way I use the words “develop” and “default.” Power is developed, weakness is made the default mechanism.

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For everyone and everything to cause good development is always positive, to default to the bad or evil is always negative, even if it seems good at the time that it “happens” and is not caused. Anything we want, we need to cause the consciousness of within ourselves, this is all important. Without what you cause yourself, we cannot have what we genuinely want.

So, do not default, be a powerful cause, fire the job of worry from your life and create the consciousness you want of peace and power as an effect, without any regard for what “could happen” or “fearful consequence.” Create good causes and habits and you will get great results and effects. I end with nine words: The only thing you need to do is start.