If You Became A Genuine Champion, How To Stay One

If You Became A Genuine Champion, How To Stay One

My definition of a champion is a genuine survivor and a winner. That is a great thing, not a good thing. I shall take the rest of the article to explain the “why” behind my thinking. Sure, this is a motivational goal setting article, sure this is about genuine positive thinking and not just “lip service.” But one thing is going to make this article stand out: The fact that I will say that it is not easy and it takes consistent discipline, thought and control consciously until it does all become habit.

Good habits make the sort of champions I am writing about, and I do know they are not only possible, but they rule at the genuine highest levels of society. While bad habits make losers, and that is “easy” to become through genuine and practiced laziness. I put the word easy in quotes, because ultimately it is logically easier to become a winner and it feels better ultimately than being a loser. Although at first it does take all of that conscious discipline, thought and control to make yourself into a winner. When it becomes habit, good habit at that, it comes down to doing the right thing as habit. The right thing is always better than the wrong thing though, habit or not. That is also my point. Good is good and bad is bad objectively, no matter how it is looked at subjectively. Sure, when you are consciously creating habits, subjective feelings do play a part in that you have to get used to things, but considering the nature of habit, especially good habits, ultimately you will get used to anything you do enough.

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The goal is to make good habits as opposed to bad habits, that is the ultimate goal to make a genuine “life championship” as I like to call it and a great existence. What do I mean by the term “life championship?” Well, I mean this: To create a great life you must consistently and consciously cement great habits into it. In short, no matter what, take care of business productively, honestly, and realistically in a great way and you will get great results, habitual or not. That is not a subjective principle on my part, but an objective principle in every sense that is in line with logic, whether the predicted or unpredicted happens to you or anyone, including myself. It is universal.

So, we have established the fact that good habits make a good life, and great habits make a great life, yes. So, I will go even further, we can habitually sink below ourselves or rise above our instincts, habit or not habit, it is all up to us as conscious people, beings or whatever. That is the point I spent this whole article making. It is up to us and our free will, imaginatively creative choices to go in the right direction that will prosper us. That is the biggest point of all, I had to build up to that, realistically, so you understand the full import of my message here.