Making Health a Priority With a Busy Schedule

Making Health a Priority With a Busy Schedule

Everyone wants to be healthy. Just because you cannot find the time to practice good habits does not mean you are somehow less concerned. Between work and personal life, it can feel nearly impossible to maintain a balanced schedule that includes exercise and good eating. Meetings run late that cause the rest of the day to be pushed back. Issues come up that need immediate attention. Suddenly that hour of aerobics you kept telling yourself you were going to do as soon as you get home is eclipsed by other things. There are ways you can guarantee yourself a healthy workout that will not intrude on your daily routine!

Early to Rise

This one may be hard to get used to, but try waking up early enough to fit some workout time in before you leave the house. Do it as soon as you are up and out of bed! The best part is, if you shower after you workout, save yourself more time by waiting to get your morning shower after the workout. Do not forget to hit the hay earlier though, so you do not sacrifice sleep. Doing your exercise first thing means you can enjoy the day worry free. If something comes up that has you running late in the afternoon or evening, it will not take over your workout time.

Midday Breaks for Health

By law, most places of employment must provide employees with a lunch break at some point during the day. For many people, portions of this down time are spent doing absolutely nothing. You have finished your meal and now sit and wait for the minutes to tick by. Why not take that last five or ten minutes of your lunch and use them as free workout time! Instead of sitting at the table, stand up and take a walk around the office. If the weather is nice, make your journey outside. The fresh air will invigorate while your walk gets those unused muscles moving!

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Let Your Television Help!

Believe it or not, your television can help you exercise! No, I am not talking about aerobics DVDs or anyhting like that. While you watch your favorite episodes, why not get on the floor and start exercising. You can enjoy every moment while improving your muscle tone. Sit ups, push ups and many other basic exercises can easily be done in front of the TV. Get more out of your time without missing out on good health or the latest programming.

More Productive Time

Become more productive by multitasking. The more things you can do in the same amount of time, the more productive you will be! So why not incorporate this principal into your daily routine. While at work, learn some easy exercises you can do that will not hinder your job. For example, if you sit at a desk on the phone all day, stand up while you chat and do some calf raises or other low impact movements. Cashiers and clerks can practice similar exercises. For a few dollars, you can also purchase useful tools to exercise your hands. You will be working out and getting paid for it!

It may seem impossible, but there are little ways you can work exercise into your daily routine. A good workout does not have to be lengthy. Instead, fit in a few minutes here and there to tone muscles and get your heart pumping! Not only will you feel more trim and fit, but your mind will be more alert. You may discover your new mini workouts also help you be more productive on a daily basis!

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