Secrets to Prosperity – How to Live Abundantly

Secrets to Prosperity – How to Live Abundantly

The first step to living an abundant life is to get rid of bad habits. Four of the worst habits you need to get rid of fast are procrastination, jealousy, laziness and unbelief. Along these same lines, remember, the person you are right now, is a reflection of what you practice or think of the most. So, if you want to live the abundant life, you must reflect and think on things related to abundant living. Also, you must cross over the thin line between the successful habits and unsuccessful ones.

A successful habit to master is spending wisely. To make sure you are spending wisely, ask yourself the following questions anytime you are about to spend money:

1) Do I need this? 2) Is the Price Right? 3) Is the Time Right? 4) Is there a lesser expensive substitute? 5) Does it compliment my Christianity?

In addition, there are 7 other successful habits you need to put into action. They are: 1) Preparation. 2) Action. 3) Prayer. 4) Good Character. 5) Discipline. 6) Giving. 7) Helping Others.

The good thing is that if you do what you are supposed to do in mastering these good habits, God has promised these 7 things:

1) You will receive a harvest! 2) Your needs will be met! 3) God will destroy the evil one, for your sake! 4) Spiritual fruit will abound to you! 5) You will receive in proportion to your giving! 6) You will be able to give more in the future! 7) People will Bless you!

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So will know that you are on the right path to abundant living, here are 4 common denominators of people living this kind of life, to use as models to follow:

1) They spend less than they earn. 2) They put time and money into productive projects. 3) They learn to use their Spiritual Gifts. 4) They are great Stewards in whatever they do.

Because most people are employed by someone else, a key principle to abundant living is to be excellent in the workplace. The way you become excellent in the workplace is by:

1) Being diligent in all your assignments. 2) Being faithful. 3) Being a thinker and problem solver. 4) Being loyal. 5) Being on time and arriving early and staying late. 6) Being creative in ways to improve your performance. 7) Being a team player and not complaining.

Is the abundant life for you? If you are reading this article, I know it is. Now go ahead and practice the things that are laid out in this article and watch your life change before your very eyes.

Starting with this first “secret” out of the others that are to come, you will be on your way to abundant living. But, you must put these habits and suggestions into action before wonderful things will start to come to you. So, just don’t be a reader of these words, be a doer of these words!

Guess what? What’s good for you is that there are people willing to show you the way that have been through what you are going through and can get you there faster, quicker and with less challenges. A complete step by step program that focuses on the financial areas of abundant living is needed to reach all of your goals. I know others are able and willing to help you. So, just look around and I’m sure you’re recognize that your help is already here!

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