The Next Big Thing May Be Little Things

The Next Big Thing May Be Little Things

The next big thing could make you rich. But little things you do, or can do, have more power.

It may take years to become an overnight success. If it does, so what?

Patience is a virtue. Urgency should not be confused with haste.

Good things come to those who wait. Those who give up always fail.

If you can believe it, you can achieve it. But remember, an oceanfront home in Nebraska will never happen.

We’ve all heard these various pearls of wisdom, or some variation of them, throughout our lives. As a package, they motivate many successful people. They also distract unsuccessful people, because those people will never believe them.

With some luck, one can get rich quickly. Most people who do get rich, however, do so a dollar at a time, over time. They treasure the journey as much as the reward.

Others, however, can never see themselves as wealthy. They see their journey as drudgery. They do things because they have to, or are forced to, and don’t, or won’t, see any other way. For them, the “good life” happens on weekends, holidays and vacations – presuming they have jobs that give them such time off. They look forward to the day they will not have to work anymore.

Those who get rich slowly do things that will get them to success. They will keep doing them consistently until they die. They take pleasure in the tasks. They do today what others won’t, so they can do tomorrow what others can’t. They are confident that if they have something good and rewarding, and stay with it, they will prosper. Some may get there faster, and faster may look better. But if success comes later, will you beat yourself up because it took so long, or will you bask in the reward that was a long time coming?

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Attitude trumps circumstances on the way to success. Poker players, in a fair game, never know what hand they will be dealt. They take their hand, and make decisions accordingly. The decisions determine success, not the hand. Good decisions, over time, will build success.

Setbacks and failings will come. But setbacks and failings don’t equate to failure. Decisions after setbacks and failings will determine success. Successful people see setbacks and failings as rocks in the road, meant to be moved, climbed over or driven around. They see setbacks and failings as tools to success. Truly successful people may climb over rocks, but won’t deliberately step on anyone’s toes. Successful people may create difficulties for themselves. But if they create havoc for others in the process, the success is tainted.

Misery loves company. Successful people spend little time with, or avoid entirely, miserable company. They look to associate with those who inspire them, not conspire against them.

Success has many different definitions, not just a monetary one. Remember that if it is to be, it is up to me. Keep doing the little things you do, or can do, while you wait for the next big thing.