Three Good Habits for You – Udo’s Oil

Three Good Habits for You – Udo’s Oil

There are many additional supplements out there, but which ones are most effective in boosting your protein shake’s nutritional power? I took this question to my mom, the queen of research, and she suggested Udo’s Choice Oil Blend, which is a mix of Omega 3, 6 and 9 essential fatty acid sources.

All About UdoA�s OilA�

Udo Erasmus is the creator of UdoA�s Oil. In 1980 he was poisoned by pesticides and it inspired him to research nutrition, the essential fat specifically, as a means of healing. Within three years, his research led him to experiment with the pressing and packaging of fresh oils. He had discovered that light, heat and oxygen were oilA�s enemy. Those three factors lead to a long shelf life but did not yield a healthy product. In the end, he developed Udo’s Oil.

UdoA�s Oil Ingredients

organic flax seed oil

organic sunflower seed oil

organic sesame seed oil

rice and oat germ oils

organic coconut oil

organic evening primrose oil

lecithin (guaranteed GMO-free)

vitamin E

antioxidants (tocotrienols)

rosemary oil

Benefits of UdoA�s Oil

An extensive study in Denmark was performed on 41 active males and females. The participants, ages ranging from 16 to 62, ingested UdoA�s Oil for 8 weeks with no changes to their diet. The study found that their generally well-being was improved in many ways. Most of the participants reported increased quality of sleep, better concentration, significantly increased energy and stamina, slight mood elevation, better skin quality and an increase in lean muscle mass and decreased body fat. These are points that Udo Erasmus has been making for years when talking about his own research.

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How I Use UdoA�s Oil

The UdoA�s Oil website recommends 1tbsp per day at first. Once adjusted, gradually increase your dose to 1tbsp for every 50 pounds of body weight per day. UdoA�s Oil is mild. It has a nutty flavor and is easy to take on its own. I like to mix it into my salad dressing, smoothies and shakes. Check out one of my favorite recipes for salad/pasta dressing:

1tbsp UdoA�s Choice Oil Blend 1tbsp chopped garlic 1tsp basil 1tsp dill & 12tsp sea salt

This is another one of my new good habits and it is great. Since August, I have experienced more energy, decreased appetite, softer, less dry skin and I feel from using Udo’s Oil and drinking regular protein shakes. Successfully support yourself on the way to a happier, healthier body by combining good habits like Udo’s Oil and personal training.