Treating Fibroids – What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Diet

Treating Fibroids – What Are the Benefits of Changing Your Diet

I don’t know about you but my diet was not the perfect at all! I love my food but realized the problems and issues I was experiencing over the years with my internal organs, wasn’t easy. I suffered with painful stomach aches and did not realize that it was all down to the foods I ate.

I visited my doctors and the hospital on numerous occasions but was not informed that my diet was the cause of my ills and I was told by my doctor that there was nothing wrong with me. Its good to talk because it was through talking to friends one evening that I decided to visit a nutritionist. It was then that I realized the doctors were not prepared to accept that unless they could see through their telescope or other device that my internal organs were unhealthy, there was nothing wrong with me!

My nutritionist looked at my eyes and tongue and was able to detect that my foods are causing my ills! I was flabbergasted at the doctors! They were who I had placed so much trust in yet they were unable to detect my medical issues. My nutritionist was my life saver and now when I see people suffering with their stomach especially, I tell them look at what you are eating!

Since being diagnosed with fibroids, I have learnt so much about the foods we eat daily. I have learnt that different cultures eat differently and are affected by foods more so than others. In the Black and Asian communities, the women suffer with certain ills like fibroids, endometriosis, renal failure, certain cancers and men suffer with prostate – and all this boils down to is the foods they eat. Looking at the different diets and what one culture eats more of than another, answers the question why one culture suffers more than the other…

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Chicken is a popular dish which is eaten in the Black and Asian communities. Eating chicken which is full of pesticides and then turns into toxic poisoning inside our body and thus the fibroids feed from these poisons and thus grows larger. The way we can combat our fibroids from growing any larger if we continue eating chicken, is either we rear the chicken ourselves or eat organic or free range chicken which effectively has no pesticides or the amount in organic and free range chickens is minimal. Same with red meats – eat only meat which is organic – I personally do not eat red meat because of the time once chewed to break down in the colon and intestines which turns to poison and causes stomach upsets etc. etc. and if stuck there, it takes a long time to remove itself from our internal body system.

The benefits of changing your diet is you no longer suffer with uncomfortable pains in your stomach, no constipation, no bloated stomach, its easier to open your bowels too. You will become a much healthier person – you are careful in what you introduce your body to and you do take the tome now to make sure what you eat is beneficial to your body system – its all worth it.