Turning Old Habits Into New Lifestyles

Turning Old Habits Into New Lifestyles

I think everyone is fully aware that in order to stay healthy, you must eat a balanced diet and get plenty of exercise as well as not participating in unhealthy habits like smoking and excessive drinking but why are we as a nation still so unhealthy and overweight? If we know what we should be doing, why do we continue to abuse our bodies as though we will live forever? I firmly believe that this country is in serious denial about our health. Not only do we participate in the most unhealthy lifestyles than anywhere else in the world, but we also do not have a healthcare system that will take care of us when we become sick.

The key to becoming healthier and living longer is no big secret. The reason why so many of us are on this self-destructive path to six feet under is because of the eating habits we adopted for ourselves early on in our lives. I’m not saying that parents are to blame. Sometimes even with good intentions, things go very wrong.

So, how do we turn an old habit into a new lifestyle and new habits? Do we go in and throw away all the bad stuff and start fresh with all healthy foods and live happily ever after? I think you know the answer to that. Those tactics do not work and you probably know that by experience.

Your old habits didn’t just manifest overnight so the new habits cannot do so either. For a new habit to become long-term, you must start slowly. Your long-term healthy eating plan will take time to develop and by introducing new foods and new lifestyles into your daily regimen should start just one thing. For your diet, introduce one new food to your diet every three days. For your fitness regimen, start with something small like walking 30 minutes a day. It has to be something you can easily do that won’t take up too much time or cause you say it’s too hard and give up. You’re not trying to enter a world championship here, you’re just trying to adopt a new habit. Experts say that it only takes 23 days to develop a habit but I always give it 30 days to be on the safe side. After thirty days, you can begin to be a little more creative with yourself and what you can do.

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You’ll find that you are eating healthier and exercising more than you’ve ever done in your life and it won’t be a shock to the system. From there, you just keep adding to the regimen and it will be easier because you have already put the habits in place.

It’s not hard, it just takes a commitment to yourself for better health and a longer life.