Ways to Ignore Bad Habits and Embrace Good Ones

Ways to Ignore Bad Habits and Embrace Good Ones

Changing habits can be a problem. Advice is cheap. Being able to sift the good from the bad, the doable from the impossible can be challenging.

Losing bad habits is a state of mind. Considering what is best for the individual, mentally, physically, and psychologically and accepting that the best is a positive thing is one way. Looking at what needs to be changed as a positive thing rather than a denial of a cherished activity is the secret. Following this and believing it, embracing good habits, can only be beneficial. But how is this to be achieved?

Dealing with bad habits and getting rid of them takes time and thought. The first issue is to decide what is a bad habit. Is it something the person is ashamed of or something which they feel they would be better without?

The second to consider why it is so attractive. Smoking, for instance, is dangerous to health, causes discomfort to others, creates situations which can be embarrassing and yet it remains a popular activity. If the smoker looks at the pros and cons of this activity and makes a list under each title what information is found?

Pros, it is apparently a community activity, it goes with having a drink, being friendly, sharing an activity which makes the smoker feel part of the crowd, being seen as sophisticated.

Cons. Research shows it does terrible things to the body, ages the skin, costs a fortune in health care, is expensive to maintain, makes the smoker smell, and they cannot stop because the tobacco is addictive.

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Some unfortunates are more addicted than others and there can be no guarantee that their health will not fail. How to deal with this.?

A doctor is one way to start to get help. A pharmacist another. They should be able to give vital information and possibly those aids such as nicotine patches which can help. The most important thing is to feel that this monumental change is beneficial, that the person is in control. Being able to remember to say no to offered cigarettes can be a source of pride. This is being positive. However, the other important thing to remember is that there might be lapses. They happen to everyone so the individual should not berate themselves but go back to the beginning.

Dieting is another bad habit. Actually diet is merely what is eaten but it tends to be associated with losing weight. Again some thought is needed. What sort of food does the person like, what feels good in the body and what sort of food suits them. That information balanced against what is good nutrition can help someone to start to eat sensibly. The trick is to view the changes as being helpful and not denying something liked.

To lose weight less food has to be eaten than is needed. Reserves can then be used up. Sounds simple. It is. Eat only when you are hungry. Learn to recognize the real signs of hunger as opposed to thirst. Stop eating when the full feeling occurs even if the plate is not empty. Eat what you want, because you will eat it eventually, but stop when your body and brain say enough rather than overriding those feelings and the fat will go. Chocolate, it is suggested, helps dieters.

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Ignoring bad habits and embracing good ones is more about changing how someone thinks about their activities than about the activity. Looking at any alteration in behavior as a good thing which makes the person feel better physically, mentally and psychologically is the positive way forward.