What is Anemia? Understanding the Function of the Red Blood Cells

What is Anemia? Understanding the Function of the Red Blood Cells

Many individuals suffer from the medical condition anemia. When an individual’s blood fails to maintain what is considered to be the average number of red blood cells, as well as actually drops below this average, they are said to suffer from this condition. There are other instances where a person is considered to have Anemia disease.

One instance is when the red blood cells located throughout the body fail to contain an appropriate level of hemoglobin. Hemoglobin has two main functions. First, it is a protein that assists in ensuring the color of the blood in the body. Second, it assists in the task of the red based blood cells in moving oxygen from the respiratory system to the other areas of the body.

Understanding the Function of the Red Blood Cells

The red blood cells in the body have a couple of different functions. These cells are also referred to as “Erythrocytes”. When it comes to the body, these cells are considered to be the most common as far as blood cells. A lot of medical professionals also refer to these cells as “RBCs”, “Haematids”, “Red Blood Corpuscles”, and even “Erythroid Cells”. Each of these cells has a section that is identified as “Cytoplasm”.

When reviewing the general anatomy of the red blood cell, you will find that the cytoplasm is extremely important as it contains hemoglobin. This is a protein biomolecule that contains high levels of iron. It allows the red blood cells to appropriately bind oxygen so that it can be transported to all areas of the body, and also creates the color of blood.

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Risk Factors

Medical professionals have determined that certain conditions and factors may increase the high risk of developing anemia. One of the main culprits for the development of this condition is a deficiency in the minerals and also the vitamins that the body requires to function appropriately. Those that have low iron levels may suffer from this condition as well.

Genetic predisposition also appears to play a role in the onset of this condition. Those that come from a blood line where the conditions of Thalassemias and even sickle cell Anemia stand a risk of developing Anemia. Blood loss from an injury, and even serious health conditions may result in Anemia. If you suspect that you may have this condition it is very important to consult with a medical professional for confirmation of the diagnosis.